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Velocity School

In competition driving we only do three things – accelerate, brake and turn. To win, we must do them with Precision, Smoothness and Control.

Joe Cheng, National Autocross Champion, VCMC co-founder

The driver holds the key to winning regardless of what vehicle is driven. No car can win without a fast driver. Velocity‘s focus is on improving the driver through behind-the-wheel experience in multiple car control exercises and a complete autocross course test.

Street driving is conducted well below the limits of traction. The limits of vehicle grip – and the possibility of sliding or even spinning a car – are not normally approached. When these limits are reached many drivers are simply unprepared.

Courses will be held in May 13th and Aug 12th and always fill up quickly once announced. Check our event schedule or contact the Velocity Director for details on the next class.

Velocity I

Velocity I is designed to give the student experience in approaching and handling his/her car at or near the limits of traction. This course is recommended for new and novice autocross drivers, as well as more experienced autocross drivers who would like to improve their grasp of car control basics. Students should expect to improve speed, confidence, car control and ultimately, reduce lap times. Velocity instructors are dedicated to helping students achieve their first victory.

Though the course focus is on car control in an autocross setting, the skills learned here can prove invaluable in controlling a car in slippery road conditions such as rain or snow. In fact, some parents have included Velocity I as part of the education of their children student drivers.

Velocity II

Velocity II is the second stage of Velocity Driver Development. Emphasis of Velocity II is on turning the fast, experienced, competitive autocross driver into a driver that is ready to compete at a higher level against top competition from Canada and the United States. To maintain a higher standard of instruction, Velocity II has limited enrollment. Contact the Velocity Director for more details.

There is only one event that matters and that is the Nationals. Everything else is practice.

Gary Milligan, 25-time National Autocross Champion